2019 All Star Game

Updated Friday June 28, 2019 by Joshua Ream.

Our 2019 All Star game will be held at Greene Field Park from 9:30am-3:30pm on Saturday June 29th.  We look forward to seeing everyone out at this exhibition of all the talent in the league.  There will also be great events going on, raffles, face painting, and much more!  In addition we will welcome our 2019 Hall of Fame Class.

Here is our schedule:

9:45am - Medal Ceremony - ARBL and Minors

9:55am - National Anthem

10:00am - All Star Game 1 & 2 - ARBL (Greene S) & Minors (Greene N)

12:15pm - 2019 Hall of Fame Inductions

1:15pm - Medal Ceremony - Majors and Pony

1:30pm - All Star Games 3 & 4 - Majors (Greene N) & Pony (Greene S)

2019 Program.pdf