UpdatedSunday January 13, 2019 byBoys Baseball of Aurora BBA.

While the Starz Program does not have any mandatory fundraising requirements, we do provide opportunities for families to fundraise.  Depending on the fundraiser, anywhere from a portion to all of the funds families raise go towards their individual fee or towards expenditures for their capstone trip (10U, 12U and 14U).

The primary way the Starz program looks to fundraise is through sponsorships.  Families are provided with a letter and form that they can present to local businesses to secure sponsorship.  100% of the value of each sponsorship secured goes towards the player's fees.  The balance of the sponsorship goes into the general fund for the organization.  With enough effort any player can play for free by securing enough sponsorships.  Now that BBA and the Starz program are listed as 501.c3 charity organization, securing sponsorships has never been easier.  See below for this year's form.

In addition we have other activities that will go on throughout the year.  Some run on an overall program basis and some on a team by team basis.  We will list those below and provide contact people and / or page links to get you additional information about the events.

Present Fundraising Opportunities