2018 Registrations NOW OPEN!

Updated Sunday February 4, 2018 by Joshua Ream.

2018 Summer Session Registrations are NOW OPEN!  Please visit the registration tabs for more information for new users or sign into your account for existing users.

If you plan to use paper copies you can download the forms from the Registration area and go to Kirhofer's.

We look forward to having everyone back for another fun summer of baseball!

Summer Baseball - 2018

Any child who will attain the age of eight (8) before May 1, 2018, and who will not attain the age of fifteen (15) before May 1, 2018, shall be eligible to compete in Boys Baseball of Aurora Minor, Major or APL League. Kids from the entire Aurora area, as well as all surrounding communities, may register for participation.

All returning players who are staying on the same team are required to register. Kids who are moving from the Rookie League to the Minor League (8 year olds), from the Minor League to the Major League (11 year olds), from the Major League to APL (13 year olds) must register AND attend a player evaluation.

All new players in Boys Baseball of Aurora AND those players moving from one level to another must attend the player evaluation which will be held on April 8, 2018, at West Aurora High School in a fieldhouse (Red). The Evaluation Schedule will be posted on the website in the future but will be roughly as follows:

8 Year Olds - 9:00 am
9 Year Olds - 9:45 am
10 Year Olds - 10:30 am

11 Year Olds - 12:00 pm
12 Year Olds - 1:15 pm

13 & 14 Year Olds Last Names Starting A-L - 2:30 pm
13 & 14 Year Olds Last Names Starting M-Z - 3:45 pm

Players should bring gloves, wear gym shoes and be prepared to participate in fielding, throwing, hitting and running situations. APL players will be allowed to pitch and catch as well, so bring additional equipment as required.

Boys Baseball of Aurora holds a Minor, Major and APL League draft where eligible boys are selected by teams in each League. All boys are selected. Players will receive a sponsor T-shirt/jersey, baseball pants, cap, and socks from Boys Baseball of Aurora. Parents need to supply spikes (rubber for Minor and Major; metal for Pony) and ball glove.