2018 Pitch Hit and Run Competition

Updated Saturday April 21, 2018 by Joshua Ream.



We are going to start at noon, Sunday, April 29th at Turners.

You can still sign up if you wish to participate!


In 2017 BBA hosted its first ever Pitch, Hit and Run Competition at the Aurora Turners Club.  We were one of only a handful of organizations in the Chicgoland area participating in this event that links into MLB's global competition to compete to appear at the All Star game.

It was such a rousing success that we are going to be doing it again this year.  Please check out the information below and handouts.  We are hoping to top our participation numbers from last year (over 100, 114 to be exact, but who is counting) to keep building interest in baseball in this community.

We will be holding the even this year on April 15th at 12pm at Turners Club and run into the late afternoon.  Boys and girls ages 7-14 (as of July 17th) of any ability level are encouraged to come out and try their hand at the competition.  Entry to the event is priced at the affordable price of FREE.  The best participant in each age category will move on to the next level of competition.

Please see flyers and forms for additional information and check back on the webpage and Facebook for additional information.

For more details from MLB check here.

For full rundown of BBA event click here.



2018 PHR Flyer.pdf