2019 Fall Ball Registration

UpdatedMonday August 19, 2019 byJoshua Ream.

BBA will begin registration for the 2019 Fall Ball Season Online the week of July 1st.  Now featuring four age groups (6-7, 8-9, 10-11 and 12-13), we have something to fit all of the players that will be returning to BBA for the 2020 Summer Session.

The Fall Season is more focused on development with stricter batting and pitching requirements so that more kids get put into key positions and have a chance to work on skills for the upcoming summer session.  We will especially do this at the youngest age group (6-7) to get them additional practice time and not quite as many games.

All teams will start playing sometime around August 17th or 24th.  Schedules will depend on the number of players and thus teams for the session.  Games are usually 1pm or 3pm on Saturday / Sunday with practice during the week.  We will wrap up no later than the 13th of October.

2019 Pony Schedule.pdf
2019 Major Schedule.pdf
2019 Minor Schedule.pdf
2019 Rookie Schedule.pdf