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The following questions are responses to the most typical questions we get through emails and call or in person.  Please review these for answers to your questions prior to contacting us.  If you still cannot find what you are looking for then feel free to get a hold of us.

What age group will my child play in?

The cutoff date for determining ages in our league is May 1st.  Whatever age your child is at 11:59 on April 30th is the age group we classify them under for that Session.   So, for instance, if your child is 9 years old on when we get to May 1st, even if they have a birthday during the season where they would turn 10, the child would still be considered a 9 year old for the entire BBA season (Summer and Fall).  Check out the League Format area for specific age groupings.

How long does the summer session run?

A majority of our program runs from mid/late April until mid July, this includes Minor, Major and APL.  Our Rookie and Instructional leagues start a few weeks later, but usually wraps up around the same time.  See the League Format page for more specific information.

How often are practices / games during the year and what times are they?

We limit league events (practices and games) to no more than four (4) per week.  In the preseason most levels will be practicing three (3) times a week (twice on weekdays and once on weekends).  During the season most levels will be playing one to three (1-3) games on the weekdays and having a weekend practice.  We try to never play games on the weekends, unless rainouts force the issue.  Almost all weekday events start at 6pm, although some managers may start practice 30 minutes earlier.  The upper levels, Major and APL, do have late start games on a regular basis, which begin at 7:30pm and 8:00pm respectively.  You can check out the League Format page for more specific information on this subject for your particular level.

Can I request to have my child placed on a specific team?

The only levels we accept team placement requests for are Rookie League and the Instructional League.  We try to pair up friends, relatives, schoolmates, etc. as best we can at these levels.  We typically fulfill all requests, but roster sizes sometimes leave us unable to accommodate all of them.  At all other levels the player must go through an evaluation and then get drafted by a team.  We do this to help ensure a competitive balance across the Minors, Majors and APL.  The only way to get assigned to a team is through specific option player avenues which are covered in the rules here.  The Board must review and confirm all option requests prior to the drafts, otherwise they will not be honored.  For the Fall Session we do allow requests at all levels, as we view this as a supplemental instructional time for the kids.

Does my child have to get evaluated?

If your child will be in Rookie League or Instructional League, then no they do not have to be evaluated.  If your child was on a team last year and is not moving up an age group, then no they will not have to be evaluated.  If your child is new to the league and not in Rookie or Instructional, then yes they will have to be evaluated.  If your child is returning to the league, but moving up a level, then yes they will have to be evaluated.  In addition, if your child does not attend either the main or alternate evaluation dates they will not be eligible to be drafted or play in the league.  The only exception to this rule is approval by the Board for physical illness or family emergency.

What are the costs for the league?

We pride ourselves on having the lowest costs in the area and making it so that every boy has the possibility to play for free.  Every year the costs fluxuate a little bit, but they usually range from $80-$130 depending on the level of play.  Specific prices for the upcoming sessions can be found in the League Format area.  In addition, for the Summer Session, each child will be provided with Booster Tickets of proportial value and quantity (i.e. Session cost is $100, Booster Tickets value is $5, child recieves 20 booster tickets), which they can sell to recoup their cost of participation.  Banana Split provides us with the Booster Tickets each year and the deals and their value vary from year to year.  We do not want cost to be something that stops any boy from playing, so please contact either the President or Treasurer if we need to work out financial situations.

Do you have a traveling team or component to your league?

BBA has a part time travel program called the Aurora Starz that functions as the travel arm of our league.  All boys participating in the Starz program must also participate in the in-house league, as BBA see it as a vital way for these players to develop their leadership skills and help push their teammates to improve.  Please see the Starz website for additional specific information about the program, tryout dates, tournament schedule, etc.