1001.1 Tryouts.  Each year, every boy (returning or new) shall be required to tryout for the upcoming season.  There will be two tryout dates each year.  Each boy will be encouraged to attend both dates, but it will not be mandatory.  A minimum of four evaluators will judge the tryouts using a uniform rating system.  Final roster selections will be made by the Starz Committee.  Selections will be based primarily on the tryout results.  The committee may use previous year’s performance (for returning players), and team-specific needs (ie pitching, catching, etc.) to make final selections.  Roster sizes will be set at 12 or 13 players at the discretion of the Starz Committee.


1001.2 Managers.  Managers will be named for the upcoming season prior to tryouts if possible.  The managers will serve at the behest of the Starz Committee, but will have relative autonomy on the structure of their practice.


1001.3 Practices.  Winter (January-March) practices will typically occur once or twice a week indoors.  Times and location will be provided prior to this time period.  Summer (April-July) practice will be held Sunday evenings starting at 2:00 pm or later and Monday evenings starting at 6:00 pm.  Specific times and locations will be provided prior to start of period in coordination with in-house BBA practice schedule.  Extra practices or practice games may occur upon approval of the Starz Committee and will not take precedence over in-house activities for players.


1001.4 In-House Priority.  In-House team activities will always take priority except on Sundays after 2:00pm and on weekends of tournaments once the in-house drafts have been completed.  If a player can make both a Starz and In-House practice they are required to attend both, this assumes timing and distance allow for this occurrence.


1001.5 Pitching.  All teams will follow tournament specific pitching rules and guidelines except the following items.


1001.5.1 In-House Games Followed by a Tournament Game.  A player who has pitched in an in-house game on the day prior to a tournament game(s) will be limited to a maximum of seven (7) innings of pitching in that two-day period, regardless of whether the tournament rules would allow that number to be exceeded.  Starz managers are responsible for knowing which of their players have pitched the day prior to a tournament game.


1001.5.2 Tournament Games Followed by an In-House Game.  A player whose in-house team has a game the next day after a tournament game (i.e. the tournament team plays on Sunday and the player has an in-house game on Monday) will be limited to a daily maximum of four (4) innings of pitching for the tournament team on the day prior to the player’s in-house game.  It will be the tournament team manager’s responsibility to look ahead at each of his potential pitchers’ in-house schedules to be able to monitor pitching usage.  Starz managers must then contact the in-house league manager of any boy that pitches on the day before his team is schedule to play and inform them of how many innings the boy pitched.


1001.5.3 Practice Games.  In the event of a practice game, no pitcher shall be allowed to pitch in the practice game if he has an in-house game the next day.  If he pitched 3 or less innings in an in-house game the previous day, he may pitch one (1) inning in the practice games, if he pitched four (4) or more innings in an in-house game he may not pitch in the practice game.  Maximum innings a pitcher may pitch in a practice game is two (2).


1001.6 Playing Time.  Each player shall play a minimum of three (3) defensive innings in a six (6) inning game, or four (4) defensive innings in a seven (7) inning game.  If a player’s minimum number of inning is reduced by 1 (i.e. his last defensive inning would have been the last inning, but the opponent is the home team and is winning), the manager should make an effort to ensure that player gets at least his minimum number of innings the next game.