Chapter 9: All Stars

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901.1 All Star Games.  Each year the League will host an All Star game for the Pony, Major, Minor and ARBL Levels.  The specifics of the location, date and time of the events will be determined by the League and incorporated into the schedule prior to the start of the Session.


901.2 All Star Managers and Coaches.  The returning managers from last year’s division champions will serve as manager of this season’s All Star Teams.  If the returning champion’s manager has not returned to the team or is unable to manage the All Star Manager will be that manager with the best Won-Lost percentage the previous season.  A coach may not serve as an All Star Manager every team shall have at least one manager or coach available to assist at the game. 


901.3 Player Selection.  Players will be selected by a vote of their teammates, manager and two coaches, who will consider such things as playing ability, hustle, desire, attitude, good sportsmanship, attendance, and ability to get along with his teammates.  Only players in the highest age group for their Level are eligible.


901.4 Number of Participants.  The number of players on an All Star team will be determined by the League and may vary depending on a variety of factors including but not limited to Level, number of teams, number of players, etc.  The following sections lay out general guidelines that will be used on a yearly basis.


901.4.1 Pony Level Participants.  The team shall be limited to fourteen (14) All-Stars per division.  The first place team will be awarded four (4) spots, the second and third place teams will be awarded three (3) spots and the fourth and fifth place teams will be awarded two (2) spots.  The date for establishing the place of the teams will be either the conclusion of the regular season or another date adopted and communicated by the League.


901.4.2 Major Level Participants.  The team shall be limited to eighteen (18) All-Stars per division.  Each team in the division will be awarded three (3) spots.


901.4.3 Minor Level Participants.  The team shall be limited to eighteen (18) All-Stars per division.  Each team in the division will be awarded two (2) spots.


901.4.4 Replacement Player.  The Board shall have the discretion to add a replacement player from the team of a player who is unable to serve his All-Star role.





902.1 Regular Playing Rules.  The regular season playing rules for the associated Level will be followed in the All Star Games except for those changes listed in this Section.


902.2 Playing Time.  Each player must play in a minimum of three innings and no player may play in every inning.


902.3 Batting Order.  Players will bat in a continuous batting order with one player from each team batting in each 1/X, where X equals the number of teams in the division, of the order.


902.4 Free Substitutions.  For the defensive portion of the game free substitutions will be allowed.


902.5 Pitching.  A Manager may use any eligible player to pitch, but no player may pitch more than two innings and once removed from pitching a player may not return to pitch.