Chapter 8: Adaptive Recreational Baseball League

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801.1 League Players.  This is a program for youth with cognitive and physical challenges that prevent them from participating in a traditional program.


801.2 General Rules.  Every player receives a cap that is to be worn during games and are welcome to bring baseball gloves, though not required.  The league will provide bats and balls for teams to use.  Players can wear any type of shoes or spikes, as long as they are not metal.  Uniforms will be provided by the League as well.  Teams will be formed each day based on the number of athletes available that day.


801.3 Game Rules.  A game will consist of two innings with each team playing two innings in the field and two innings batting.  Each player will get to bat in each inning, as outs will be disregarded.  The final batter of each inning will hit a home run.  There will be a time limit of 1 hour and 15 minutes for each game.  Games will be cancelled in the event of inclement weather or unplayable field conditions.  Soft-core baseball with synthetic cover or wiffle balls will be used during games.  Athletes can either be pitched to or hit off a tee, whatever they are comfortable with at the time.  They will be allowed their choice of a wiffle ball bat, firm foam bat or lightweight aluminum bat.


801.4 Volunteers.  All athletes are assigned a volunteer buddy to assist them with the game to whatever extent necessary.  This includes helping the athlete hit the ball, run the bases, and go after the ball in the field.  Buddies have three major responsibilities: keeping the athlete safe from hard hit balls, protecting and assisting the player, and offering encouragement and a positive experience.