Chapter 6: Instructional Level

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601.1 Rules Governance.  This area of the Boys Baseball of Aurora Rule Book shall govern the Instructional Level and the rules contained herein will govern over all other rules in this book when applied to this level.


601.2 Game Length.  Games will be 6 innings in length but also have a time limit at one hour and thirty minutes with no new innings starting after this time. COVERED IN CHAPTER 4


601.3 Umpires.  No umpire will be provided, coaches will umpire the games.  The coach shall umpire from the pitching mound either as he is pitching (see Section 601.5) or while a player is pitching.  The defensive team shall provide a coach behind the plate to help retrieve wild pitches, but this coach shall not function as an umpire. COVERED IN UMPIRES SECTION


601.3.1 601.2 Calling Automatic Strikes.  If a coach is doing the pitching and the batter does not offer at one of the first three pitches which are over the plate the coach will start calling strikes on the batter.


                601.3.2 601.3 Walks.  There will be no walks.


601.4 Playing Time.  Every effort shall be made to have players on the field and equal number of innings.


601.4.1 Playing Positions.  Each player must play a minimum of two innings in the infield and one inning in the outfield each game.  There will be 10 fielders at a time (pitcher, catcher, 4 infielders and 4 outfielders).  Outfielders should be positioned about 20 feet back from the baselines with infielders in normal positions.


601.4.1.1 Playing Ability.  Players playing ability shall have no bearing on or limit the positions they play.


601.4.2 Coaching Assistance.  Up to two coaches may be positioned in the outfield to assist their team.


601.5 Pitching.  Pitching can be done either by a coach or by a player.  Coaches will pitch to their own teams while players will pitch to the opposing teams.  All pitches must be made overhand to the batters and the pitching distance should be 35 feet, but may be varied (28 foot minimum) depending on skills of players.


601.5.1 Player Pitching.  7 or 8 year olds will be allowed to pitch.  While it is encouraged that the players should try pitching it is not a requirement, but each team should have at least two players attempt to pitch during a game.  Pitchers will be limited to 4 pitches per batter, after which time the coach will take over pitching.  The count on the batter will remain the same and a strikeout would be called after a total of 3 swings and misses.


601.65 Running the Bases. Once a ball has been thrown into the infield from the outfield, runners may advance, at their own risk, only to the base to which they were headed at the time the ball was thrown in. When all runners have safely reached the base to which they are entitled, the coaches shall call time and no further advancement shall be allowed.


601.6.1 Base Distance.  The bases shall be configured similar to all other levels but with 50 foot base paths.


601.7 Inning Run Limit.  A team shall be limited to scoring 6 5 runs per inning and play for that half inning will be stopped once the limit is reached.  Tracking of runs should only happen or this purpose.