Chapter 1: The League

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The League





101.1 Operation.  The League shall operate under the By-Laws of Boys Baseball of Aurora.


101.2 Board of Directors.  The League shall be run by a Board of Directors in compliance with the By-Laws.  Their authority will include but is not limited to the following items.


                101.2.1. Manager Appointments.  The Board will approve the appointment of all Managers.


101.2.2. Rules Interpretations.  The Board shall have authority to interpret all rules and regulations.


101.2.3. Best Interest of BBA.  The Board shall make all decisions in all matters in a manner that they consider to be in the best interest of BBA.


101.3 Insurance.  Deductible Accident Insurance coverage will be provided for all players, managers, coaches and umpires.  This insurance is intended to provide secondary coverage only.


101.4 Finances.  The League shall finance is own program through sponsor fees and the payment of player fees, which may be recouped by selling Booster Tickets.


101.4.1 Sponsor Fee.  The Sponsor Fee for each year shall be determined by the Finance Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.  The fees may be staggered by Level at the discretion of the Board of Directors.


101.4.2 Booster Tickets.  The Board of Directors will distribute Booster Tickets to each manager for each player on their team on draft night for their level.  The manager shall be responsible for distributing these and all other paperwork provided by BBA to their players and failure to do so will result in immediate dismissal from BBA.


101.5 Background Checks.  All League volunteers including, but not limited to, Board of Directors, managers, coaches, scorekeepers, and umpires, shall consent to a background screening process by an independent third party designated by the League.


101.6 Boundaries.  The League shall have no boundaries and all eligible players, regardless of where they live or where they attend school will be allowed to participate.





102.1 Programs Provided.  The league shall provide three programs.


102.1.1 Summer Program.  This program will take place from April through July in one calendar year.


102.1.2 Fall Program.  This program will take place from August through October in one calendar year.  Supplemental rules, requirements and conditions of Fall Ball can be found in Chapter 7.


102.1.3 Travel Program.  This program will take place from August to July of the following calendar year.  Supplemental rules, requirements and condition for the Travel Program can be found in Chapter 10.


102.2 Levels Provided.  Each Program will be divided into the following levels based on the player age.  Not all Levels will be provided in every Program Session.  The age used to determine the player age is the age they are prior to May 1st of the year in which they are registering.


                102.2.1 Pony Level.  Players ages 13 and 14.


                102.2.2 Major Level.  Players ages 11 and 12.


                102.2.3 Minor Level.  Players ages 8, 9 and 10.


                102.2.4 Rookie Level.  Players ages 6 and 77 and 8.


                102.2.5 Instructional Level.  Players age 5 and 6.


Exception:  8 year olds not picked in the Minor League Draft will be eligible to play in the Rookie League.

Exception:  Rookie Instructional Level is not provided during the Fall Program


                102.2.5 T-Ball Level.  Players ages 4 and 5. Outsourced Operations.  Turners Club will operate the T-Ball Level in conjunction with Boys Baseball of Aurora and be responsible for registrations, rosters, financing, equipment, etc.  This agreement needs to be renewed every year by both parties.

Exception:  T-Ball Level is not provided during the Fall Program


102.2.6 Adaptive Recreational Level.  Players ages 5 through 22.  This level will be referenced as the Adaptive Recreational Baseball League or ARBL.  Please see Chapter 8 for additional information on qualifications and requirements.


102.3 Divisions.  Each Level will be divided into an even number of divisions with an equal number of teams in each division.

                Exception:  The Rookie Instructional Level, T-Ball Level and ARBL will not use divisions.


102.3.1 Determining Teams in a Division.  Teams will be rotated and realigned each year based on the previous year’s standings.  When four (4) divisions are in place use Chart 102.3.1 to determine rotation of teams.  When two (2) divisions are in place swap the even number teams in each division.










































Chart 102.3.1


102.3.2 Contracting Teams.  When teams are contracted from a Level a full realignment of divisions shall be required.  After determining the teams removed rank the teams in order based on the previous year’s standings.  Then utilize a snake system to realign the divisions with the new quantity of teams (ie. Given teams 1 through 8 the American Division gets teams 1, 4, 5 and 8 while the National Division gets teams 2, 3, 6, and 7).


102.3.3 Adding Teams.  When adding teams to levels, the new teams will be added in equal quantity to the bottom of each division until all teams are assigned a division.  Please consult Player Selection in Section 202.2.4 for rules and regulations for filling the rosters of newly created teams.


102.4 Teams.  Each Division will be divided into an equal number of teams.


Exception:  In cases of not having a number of teams equally divisible by the number of divisions every effort will be made to properly balance the divisions (ex. 18 teams and 4 divisions would have 2 divisions of 5 teams and 2 divisions of 4 teams).


102.4.1 Managers and Coaches.  Each team shall have a Manager appointed by the League and that manager will be responsible for finding at least two (2) coaches.  No team may have more than eight (8) coaches.  All members of the staff are required to pass a background check (Section 101.5).


       Co-Managers.  Co-Managers shall not be permitted in the League.


102.4.2 Rosters.  Each team will have an active roster of players. Roster Size.  The minimum and maximum number of players of each age group will be determined by the Board and announced prior to the draft.  The ranges will be from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 7 at each age level and depend on returning and incoming player counts.  Total roster count will not exceed 13 players per team for Pony, Major, Minor and Rookie Levels.  Other levels will be determined on a yearly basis. Maintaining Roster.  Each team must maintain a full roster of players in accordance to what is confirmed with the Board at the completion of the draft.    Submitting Rosters.  Each Manager shall submit a copy of his active roster to the President and Player Agent by the start of the regular season and again at the end of the regular season. Roster Changes.  Roster changes (either addition or subtraction) shall be made only through, and with the approval of, the Player Agent and the President. Absence Notification.  The President must be notified of any player who has missed more than two consecutive games for any reason other than vacation.  Depending on the circumstances and the length of absence involved, the President and Player Agent, will require the manager to replace the player who has left the team prior to completion of 50% of the games. Adding Players.  Managers may replace players on their teams by following these procedures:

1)  Manager shall acquaint the Player Agent and President with the conditions that necessitate the request for replacement.

2)  If the Player Agent and President agree the reasons are “justifiable” the Manager can replace the player on his team from the Player Pool (See Section 201.3).  Justifiable reasons include but are not limited to: failure to attend at least 50% of practices, continued absence from games, summer vacations that would require player to miss 50% of season or more, injury.





103.1 General.  The actions of players, managers, coaches, scorekeepers and umpires and League officials must be above reproach.


103.2 Manager Responsibilities.  The manager shall keep their coaches and players from shouting or making derogatory comments to opposing managers, coaches, players and umpires.


103.2.1 Managing Outside of the League.  No Manager shall manage in any other youth baseball program outside of Boys Baseball of Aurora.  Managers found in violation will be removed from their team and the League.


103.2.2 Working with Other Teams.  Managers and coaches will not work with teams other than their own in league games.  In the event a manager or coach is requested to assist another team during a scheduled league game, the opposing manager must agree to his temporary appointment.


103.3 Intimidation.  In order to discourage or mitigate intimidation of the opposing team and umpires, managers and coaches should not be on the field of play during a live ball situation unless coaching a base or in the bullpen.  If they must be outside the confines of the dugout they should station themselves at the end of the dugout furthest from home plate.


103.4 Tobacco.  Team personnel may not use Tobacco in any form while in the dugout or on the playing field.


103.5 Alcohol.  Team personnel must refrain from the consumption of alcoholic beverages prior to, during and immediately after the games in any park location.


103.6 Discussions with Umpires.  Only the manager shall be allowed to discuss rule interpretations with the umpire.  Any use of profane or abusive language during the discussion will not be tolerated and will be cause for automatic ejection from the game.


103.7 Ejection and Suspension.  Any manager, coach, player or parent that has been ejected from a game or suspended must comply with the requirements of this section.


103.7.1 Result of Ejection.  A manager, coach, player or parent who has been ejected from a game shall leave the park immediately.


103.7.2 Consequences.  A manager, coach, player or parent who has been ejected from a game will be suspended for one additional game, unless otherwise overturned by the Manager Review Committee.


103.7.3 Appeal.  A manager, coach, player or parent who has been suspended may appeal to the Manager Review Committee to get their suspended overturned.


103.7.4 Requirements.  While serving the resulting suspension, the manager, coach, player or parent shall not be at the park where his team is playing a game.  Failure to comply by a manager or coach will result in immediate dismissal by the League.  Failure to comply by a player or parent will result in an additional suspension as deemed appropriate by the Board.


103.8 Entrepreneurial Endeavors.  Managers, coaches and all other volunteers shall refrain from entrepreneurial endeavors while associated with Boys Baseball of Aurora, either on their own behalf or that of another manager, coach or parent.  Failure to do so will result in immediate dismissal from the League.


103.9 Managers’ and Coaches’ Appearance.  All Managers and coaches must wear neat apparel and League provided hats (Section 104.3.1) while in the dugout and on the playing field.  If not complied with, violators will be suspended from the League in accordance with a decision by the Manager Review Committee.





104.1 General.  The League will provide uniforms, playing equipment (batting helmets and catcher’s equipment), baseballs and umpires.  The City of Aurora and the Fox Valley Park District will provide the playing fields.  Additional information on equipment can be found in Section 403.


104.2 BBA Logo.  All uniforms must have the Boys Baseball of Aurora logo printed on the hat and jersey.  This includes all league and travel team uniforms.


104.3 Uniforms.  The League shall provide a uniform consisting of a hat, jersey, pants and socks.  The player is responsible for any additional items including but not limited to spikes and a glove.


104.3.1 Hats.  Hats will have the BBA logo and be of a style and color to coordinate with jerseys for all teams.

        Volunteer Requirement.  Hats, if worn by managers or coaches on the playing field, must be those furnished by the League.  If a Manager is short on hats for his coaching staff he should contact his Level Representative.


104.3.2 Jerseys.  Jerseys will display the team (sponsor) name on the front, numbers at least on the back, BBA logo on the back or arm, have a single color palette across the entire team and be of an increasing quality from lower levels to higher levels.


104.3.3 Pants.  A single pair of white pants will be provided to each player by the League and should be worn at all League games.  If a player requires a new pair of pants due to damage the team manager should contact the League Representative.  If a player chooses to purchase an additional pair of pants they should be white to match those pants provided by the League.


104.3.4 Socks.  A single pair of socks to coordinate with the team color palette shall be provided to each player by the League.  If a player requires a new pair of pants due to damage the team manager should contact the League Representative.  If a player chooses to purchase an additional pair of socks they should match the color of socks provided by the League.


104.3.5 Unauthorized Elements.  The use of any items unauthorized by the League on the uniform including but not limited to stars and nicknames shall not be allowed on uniforms.


104.3.6 Game Appearance and Attire.  Additional requirements for how a player must be dressed during a game can be found in Section 403.


104.4 Equipment and Uniform Collection.  At the conclusion of the season, managers must collect all equipment, including at least eight used baseballs, and turn them into a Board Member at the conclusion of their last playoff game.





105.1 League Season.  The League Season includes only those activities specifically authorized and sanctioned by the League and only during that period defined in Section 102.1.  No other activities will be allowed.


                105.1.1 School Activities.  School Activities shall take precedent over the baseball program.


105.2 Practices.  The following requirements will govern all practices during the League Season.


105.2.1 Maximum Number of Practices.  No boy shall be expected to participate in more than four practices per week during the pre-season.  No boy shall be expected to participate in more than a combined total of four games and practices during the regular season.


105.2.2 Minimum Number of Practices.  Managers shall provide a minimum of two practices per week in the pre-season and one per week during the regular season.


105.2.3 Assigning Practices.  Fields for practices will be assigned and permits issued for at least two sessions each week during the period following the draft and prior to the first scheduled practice game.  The order of assignment will be based on the number of years each manager has previously managed in the Rookie, Minor, Major and Pony levels.  Ties will be broken by including any additional years in which the manager was a coach in the program.  If still tied, a coin flip will be used.  The same format will be used for assigning one weekend practice field to be used throughout the whole season.  Practices should end no later than 10pm.


105.2.4 Practice Games.  Informal practice games may be conducted against other teams in our League.  No additional games, played against teams outside of BBA, before, during or after the season shall be played unless specifically authorized by the League.  Practice games should end no later than 10pm.


105.2.5 Practice Prior to a Game.  Practice at another field immediately prior to a game will not be allowed during the regular season.


105.2.6 Batting Practice Prior to the Game.  Batting practice, defined as “swinging a bat at an object,” will be allowed prior to the game under the following conditions:  Batting practice can consist of hitting wiffle balls or swinging at a “hitting stick.”  Only one boy will be allowed to be swinging at a time.  A manager or coach must be supervising the activity at all times to ensure safety and will either be the one pitching the wiffle balls or holding the “hitting stick.”  The hitting will be done in fair or foul territory in left field for the home team or in right field for the visiting team.  No other batting practice, or swinging practice, including but not limited to the use of official baseballs is allowed before or during the game.  Teams found in violation shall be prohibited from taking batting practice the remainder of the season.


105.2.7 Fielding Practice Prior to Game.  The home team shall be allowed 10 minutes of fielding practice 25 minutes before game time followed by 10 minutes of fielding by the visitors.


105.2.8 Pony Players Practicing.  Thirteen (13) and new fourteen (14) year olds will not be allowed to practice with any Pony Level Team under supervision of Managers or Coaches until team selections have been completed.  Returning players may not practice with their teams until after the players have been registered and have paid their fees for the upcoming season.  Managers who disregard this rule shall be removed from the League.


105.3 Preseason Games.  Preseason games will be scheduled by the League.


105.3.1 Preseason Games Special Rules.  Special rules governing only the games played prior to the regular season can be found in Section 508.


105.4 Regular Season Games.  The League will create a regular season schedule for each level with a balanced number of games for each team in that level between fourteen (14) and twenty-two (22) games.  The games will begin in May and end in July, the exact beginning and ending dates will be determined on a year to year basis.


105.4.1 Maximum Number of Games in a Week.  The maximum number of regularly scheduled games in a week shall be three.


105.4.2 Schedule Balance.  The schedule will be arranged so that each team will play the other teams in its division an equal number of times.  The remaining games will be arranged so that each team within a division will play a comparably difficult schedule when based on last year’s won-loss records. Games outside BBA.  A balanced schedule for games played by a level against teams outside of BBA shall be attempted but not guaranteed.


105.4.3 Division Champions.  Division Champions shall be based on won-lost percentage in which tie games are considered ½ game won and ½ game lost.  Ties for a Division Championship will result in Co-Champions, but seeding of teams will be determined in accordance with the Playoff Seeding Rules Section 105.6.1. Awards for Division Champions.  Team and individual trophies will be awarded to division winners.  Duplicate awards will be made if there is a tie for first place. Awards to Sponsors.  The Team trophy must be presented to the sponsor within two weeks of the completion of the playoffs.


105.5 Postponed Games.  Games that are postponed will be rescheduled on available open dates, including Saturdays and Sundays, but scheduling a team more than three games per week will be avoided, if possible.  It will be the responsibility of the managers to be aware of the make-up dates and to call the league if there is a doubt as to the make-up dates.


105.5.1 Changing Games.  Changes to starting times or dates of rescheduled games may be made only upon a written request to the Board and only with their approval.


105.5.2 Game Precedence.  If only one or a couple of games are rained out on a given night, re-scheduling of a              later night’s complete schedule may take precedent and cause the lower number of games to be moved again.


105.5.3 Completing the Schedule.  The League will make every effort to reschedule all postponed games.


105.5.4 Notification.  Official announcements on Preseason and Regular Season games will be made on the BBA web site.  Unless otherwise notified, teams should report to their respective fields. 


105.5.5 Postponing at Field.  The decision to play the game will rest with the two managers and the umpire, with the majority to rule when deciding to postpone a game not specifically postponed by the League.  If one team does not appear at the field and the decision is made to play, the absent team may be require to forfeit the game.  See Section 405.2 for additional information.


105.6 Playoffs.  The playoffs for the Rookie Level will consist of diving the teams into equal groups based on seeding criteria below then having each play two games where winners of first game play each other and losers of first game play each other.  The playoffs for the Minors will consist of all teams playing a single elimination tournament.  The playoffs for the Majors will consist of all teams playing a double elimination tournament.  The playoffs at the Pony level will consist of the top eight (8) teams playing in a double elimination tournament.  The bottom four (4) teams will first play in a single elimination “play-in” game, in a 10 team league format, to determine the final two spots.


105.6.1 Seeding.  Teams will be seeded one thru the number of qualified teams based on the following criteria.

                                1. Won-Lost Percentage

                                2. Head-to-Head (best won-lost percentage in games among the teams)

                                3. Best won-lost Percentage in games played within the division

4. Best won-lost Percentage in common games (games played against the same opponents)

                                5. Won-Lost percentage of each team’s opponents

                                6. Fewest runs allowed to opponents over the entire regular season

                                7. Coin flip


105.6.2 Brackets.  The League shall create Playoff Brackets and provide them to the manager of each team at the Playoff Meeting held prior to the beginning of play.  These will also be available on the website.


105.6.3 Determining Home or Visitors.  The team with the best won-lost percentage shall elect to be the home team or the visiting team.  When teams have identical records, the higher seeded team shall elect to be home team or the visiting team.  In the double elimination format the team that stayed in the winner’s bracket shall elect to be home team or visiting team.


105.6.4. Awards for Division Champions.  Team and individual awards will be given to the overall champion and runner-up.


105.6.5. Awards to Sponsors.  The Team award must be presented to the sponsor within two weeks of the completion of the playoffs.


105.6.6. Playoff Rules.  Rule amendments used for the Playoffs can be found in Section 509.


105.7 Double Headers.  Double Headers with the same team involved are not permissible except in the case where a game between two teams has been suspended.  The suspended game can be completed preceding the next scheduled game between the same teams.