Players Evaluations and Team Assignments

UpdatedSunday January 13, 2019 byJoshua Ream.

Summer League - A player evaluation is required for all 9 year old boys moving from the Rookie League to the Minor League, all 11 year old boys moving from the Minor League to the Major League, all 13 year old boys moving from the Major League to the APL League and for all boys ages 8-14 who are entering either league for the first time.  Boys who are 5-8 years old and entering the Rookie League or the Instructional League are NOT required to tryout and are placed on teams based primarily on geographical location.  Player evaluations occur in late March or early April at West Aurora High School located at 1201 West Galena Boulevard in the Red Field House.  Participants should use Door Number 15 on the east side of the building to enter.

Each boy required going through the evaluation will be given an identification number to be worn during their evaluation as well as an approximate start time for his age group.  Boys should bring a ball glove and must wear gym shoes.  He will be asked to swing at a number of pitches in a batting cage, field several fly balls and ground balls, make throws across the diamond and then run a short sprint.  Bats and helmets are provided by the League for this process.

During the evaluation, managers and coaches from every team will be observing each boy's skills.  This evaluation process will help prepare them for the Minor, Major, and APL League draft, which is held about 10 days later, where boys are selected to fill out roster spots on each team.  The player selection process is fully described in the Regulation and Playing Rules adopted by Boys Baseball of Aurora.

Every attempt is made by the League for each boy to play baseball.  Team rosters for the Minor, Major and APL Leagues typically have 11-13 boys per team.  This number fluctuates based on the number of boys who register and the number of boys returning to their teams.  Most years, every boy that tries out is chosen.  In those cases where boys are not drafted, they will be placed in a player pool to be selected to replace players unable to complete the season.

Rookie League and Instructional League does not begin until a couple of weeks after the draft for the Majors and Minors.  This gives the league time to work through all the tryouts and drafts before tackling up dividing up these teams.  Once the manager meeting has been held for Rookie League and Instructional League all players will receive a call from their managers regarding practice times. 

Boys Baseball of Aurora has teamed up with Turners Club in Aurora to provide a T-Ball league for kids from 4-5 years of age.  All games and practices will be held at the Turners Club.  You will find the registration information on our website in the near future once Turners opens it, and you can also check out the Aurora Turners website for additional information.

Fall League - Players do not have to go through an evaluation for the Fall League.  They are placed on teams per their request (friends, teammates, coaches, etc) and when not applicable the positional needs of particular teams.  The league does everything in its power to balance the rosters to make the playing field as level as possible and provide opportunities for the boys to be successful.

Starz - Our Starz teams go through evaluations each and every year.  Every boy wanting to play on a team from 8U-15U will have to go through the tryout process.  The players will be evaluated by a group of coaches, board members and the team manager.  Boys will be selected by the evaluation group based on their performance in tryouts and the positional needs of the team.  If you want to know additional information about the teams and the selection project please go to the Starz area of the BBA website or go to the actual Aurora Starz website.